Academic Advising Mission Statement

Kentucky Wesleyan College will provide a comprehensive academic advisement system staffed by advisors who interact in a positive, productive, and ethical manner with the student population to provide assistance as students identify, clarify, and accomplish their educational and career goals.

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KWC Academic Advising Documents for Students

4-Yr Degree Plan

Academic Bulletin

ALEKS Link (if no math ACT score)

Change or Declare Major/Minor

Curriculum Worksheets

Fall 2023 Class Offerings

General Education Checklist 2023-2024

Honors Program Information

KWC Academic Internships Information

KWC Curriculum Grad Requirements flyer

KWC Pre-Nursing Plan 2023

NCAA Yearly Requirements

Registration Instructions

Student Athlete Checklist

Student Athlete Handbook (NCAA Academic Regulations)

Week Long Schedule Template

KWC Academic Advising Documents for Advisors

4-Yr Degree Plan

Freshman Advising Worksheet

Registration Instructions

Student Information Sheet