Graduate School Prep

Below are some great resources to help you with your graduate school applications. In addition, I highly recommend you talk to your professors/advisor about your goals. As you prepare your applications, I am happy to review personal statements. I generally recommend that you have me provide a general review early in the writing process and, once you have done the first revisions, then ask someone to review it who is familiar with your area of study. My office number is ADMIN 402 or email me at

Here is a link to a spreadsheet you can use to track your graduate school application process.

Pre-professional programs at Kentucky Wesleyan College

More information on Graduate School

Program Research:

Peterson’s Guide to Graduate Programs

US News and World Report

Princeton Review

Research Schools

Testing and applications:


Graduate Management

Law School

Medical School

Dental School

Vet School

Personal Statements:

Purdue OWL: Writing the Personal Statement

How to Write Your Personal Statement