Graduate School


Things you need to consider:

  • Do you know your reasons for attending graduate school?
  • Is it to ultimately to obtain a better job or to enhance your academic background?
  • Is prestige a factor, or is it required to enter your chosen profession?
  • Are you uncertain about other alternatives?
  • Are your reasons for attending graduate school sound?

Your awareness of options:

  • Have you talked with Kentucky Wesleyan College faculty members about your goals and means of attaining them?
  • Have you reviewed the graduate school information and resources available in the office of Career Development to obtain an overview of a graduate school programs?   The Graduate School Information Guide is available in Career Development office. This guide provides information about graduate programs, contact information, names and e-mail addresses.


The Career Development Office provides these materials for students interested in graduate school:

  • The Graduate School Guide, a comprehensive guide to doctoral, Master’s and professional degree programs
  • The Praxis Series, Professional Assessments for Beginning Teachers
  • TSE, Information bulletin for the Test of Spoken English
  • TOEFL, Information Bulletin for Computer-Based Testing
  •  Graduate Record Examinations, Information and Registration Bulletin
  • LSAT & LSDAS, Registration & Information Books

Graduate and Professional School Links

Test Preparation


Graduate Record Exam

Law School Admission Test

  • LSAT– Official Law School Admission Council Website

Graduate Management Admission Test