Policies and Procedures


Academic Integrity Policy
Academic Integrity Reporting Form
Academic Performance Enhancement Retention Policy
Accessibility Services
Credit Hour & Semester Length
Online Education
Regular and Substantive Interaction in Online and Remote Courses Policy
Research Integrity Guidelines
Student Information Privacy Policy
Substantive Change


Event Promotion
Records Retention
Record Retention Schedule
Retention of External Legal Counsel
Room Reservation Information
Conflict of Interest Policy
Social Media Policy
Whistleblower Policy


Advancement Policies & Procedures
Charitable Giving Policy
Event Promotion
Grants Office Procedures

Campus Life / Safety

Athletics Student Handbook 
Campus Emergency Procedures (For updated contact list, click below)
Chemical Hygiene Plan
Children on Campus
College Passenger Bus Use
Emergency Contact List
Housing Policy
Missing Student Policy
MRSA-Skin Infections Policy
MRSA-Skin Infections Policy & Procedures
Severe Weather Shelter Areas
Sexual Harassment & Assault Policy
Sexual Harassment & Assault On-Call Counselor Procedures
Students’ Rights & Responsibilities
Weather-Related and Emergency Class Cancellations or Campus Closing Policy

Financial Affairs / Human Resources

Business Policies and Procedures
Cell Phone Policy & Procedures
Individual Conflict of Interest 
Local Vendors Set up with Direct Bill/Credit Card 
Personnel Appointment Policy
Registration Holds for Students with Delinquent Accounts
Registration of Students with Delinquent Accounts
Vehicle Policy for KWC Student Drivers 

Information Technology

Data Entry Policy
Data Entry Standards
Email Policy
Information Technology Policy Handbook
Phish Testing and Training Policy
Policy on Response to Allegations of Copyright Infringement
Software Review Policy
Employee Privacy Information Classification
Acceptable Use Information Security Policy
Information Security Governance Plan
Awareness Program Plan
Written Information Security Program (WISP)
Vulnerability Management Risk Assessment
Public Privacy Statement

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Policy


Kentucky Wesleyan College seeks to follow the best practices of Developing Policy & Procedure Documents identified by the Southern Association of Schools & Colleges, Commission on Colleges including the following attributes:

  • Policies encompass all aspects of the issue addressed.
  • Policies are approved via the appropriate institutions processes and published in appropriate publications in addition to this centralized, online manual.
  • Policies must include:  A concise statement of purpose The implementation date and dates of subsequent revisions Personnel responsible for implementing the policy A timeline for completion of procedures A method for monitoring compliance A schedule for reviewing effectiveness