Information for Faculty and Staff

What You Can Do

You may want to call for a consultation to discuss your concerns about a student. We will help you clarify what may be the most helpful way to approach the student, including a possible referral.


Talk to the student directly and express your concern. Give the student the Counseling Services Office phone number (270-852-3183) and location (Administration Building 209B) and encourage them to make an appointment.

If the situation is an emergency: In case of serious injury or illness on campus, phone the 9-911 emergency number and be prepared to detail the number and nature of injuries or illness. Notify the Associate Dean of Student Services, Vice President of Academic Affairs or the Vice President of Finance. Return to the scene of the injury or illness and wait for Emergency Medical Technicians and college administrators to arrive. The Student Life Office should always be notified when serious illness, injury or death involves a Kentucky Wesleyan student. The Student Life Office will notify other administrators, the student’s family and others as the situation warrants.

If a student has a weapon or threatens you, call 911.

We consider a situation to be an emergency when there is:

  • Imminent danger of physical harm to self and/or others, and/or
  • Disabling emotional distress, e.g., insomnia, uncontrollable crying, agitation, inability to manage daily tasks.


What We Do

Assessment of the Student

In the initial interview a counselor will assess the student’s needs and what services may be appropriate. The following options may be considered:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Referral to other departments or services on campus and/or in the community


We understand that you may be interested in the progress of the student you have referred; however, we are bound by the principles of confidentiality as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Ethical Principles of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and can release information only with written permission from the client.

We Can

  • Answer your questions concerning steps to take in assisting students in being referred for counseling services
  • Offer you information about psychological concerns and problems in general

We Cannot

  • Say whether a student is being seen here or has kept an appointment
  • Discuss the content of sessions
  • Discuss treatment plans or progress

A student may find it in his/her best interest for information to be shared with faculty, staff, a family member or significant other. A student must complete an authorization to release informationĀ  in Counseling Services for information to be shared with anyone. The release form must be completed, signed, and dated in the Counseling Service office.