Information Technology Agreement

  • Introduction

    Every individual given access to or use of Kentucky Wesleyan College’s technology (e.g., network, computers, software, email, etc.) is subject to the Information Technology Policy Handbook (available on the PantherNet). The Handbook contains policies related to Appropriate Use, Abuse of Information Technology Privileges, Allocation of Resources, Copyright and Licensure, Security, Privately-Owned Computer Equipment, and Web Publishing.
  • Excerpts from the Appropriate Use Policy

  • In making appropriate use of information resources you must:
    1. Protect your userID from unauthorized use. You are responsible for all activities initiated under your userID.
    2. Access only files and data that are your own, that are publicly available, or to which you have been given authorized access.
    3. Be considerate in your use of shared resources. Refrain from monopolizing systems, overloading networks with excessive data, or wasting printer paper and other supplies.
    4. Use the FACULTY, STAFF and/or STUDENT e-mail groups to communicate only college-related information, including notices about events, activities, sports competitions and general business/ academic information.

  • When using information resources, you must not:
    1. Use another person’s files or data without permission.
    2. Use computer programs to decode passwords or access control information.
    3. Load software or data on the hard drive of any public access workstation.
    4. Engage in any activity that might be harmful to systems or to any information stored therein, such as creating or propagating viruses, disrupting services, or damaging files.
    5. Make or use illegal copies of copyrighted software or computer files (including music and video files), store such copies on College systems, or transmit them over College networks.
    6. Use mail or message services to harass, intimidate, or otherwise annoy another person.
    7. Use any e-mail group to distribute chain letters.
    8. Use the FACULTY, STAFF and/or STUDENT e-mail groups for socializing, personal comments, etc. NOTE: Individual addresses should be used for personal messages and communications.
    9. Use another person’s userID and password.
    10. Place on any College-owned or operated system information or software which a. infringes upon the rights of another person; b. is abusive, profane, or obscene; or c. promotes a commercial enterprise or product.

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