KWC Book Voucher Request Form

  • Once you submit this book voucher application, your student tuition account will be evaluated to determine if you have a credit to apply towards a book voucher. Based on this evaluation, you will be notified via your KWC student email as to the status of your request. Please note the voucher expiration date in your email. Any funds used for purchases will be charged to your KWC student account.
  • Include all digits of your ID.
  • Enter the amount you will need for books in whole dollar amounts. For example, $100
  • Acceptance Terms

    TERMS: I authorize KWC to use my personal payment(s), scholarships and/or Title IV funds to pay for bookstore charges. I will be responsible for any remaining or additional charges that are posted to my student tuition account. ANY UNPAID BALANCE IS THE STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY.
  • If you do not agree to the terms, your request will be denied.